Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Grace Place Spring Recital...

Braden doing the Macarena!
Nana and her boys!
Braden sings "Greased Lightnin'!"
Braden's "girlfriend," Toree.
Garrett, in background, singing "Surfin' USA!"
The boys generally have never really gotten into the recital act before. Mostly, Braden especially, would just stand on stage and cover his ears with his hands. Garrett always freezes! But, this year they pulled out all the stops and impressed the dog snot (hate that term, but I always use it) out of Mom, Dad, and Nana!!!!! Garrett was so sweet "surfing" on stage with his glasses and leis. That is, by the way, an original Hilo Hattie Hawaiian shirt, smuggled back into the states by none other than his very own mother from the honeymoon so many moons ago! WE bought it for Trevor, but it's now been handed back down...who knew? Braden absolutely stunned us all by his total immersion into the act of a Greaser. From grease rag popping to the hand jive, Braden Riley was all about being the center of attention at this year's recital!!!

The hotel...I mean, our bedroom...

Okay, I think that our new bedroom looks and feels just like a really nice hotel room. That's good, right? AND, I always thought that people were NUTS when they went gaga over 300 thread count sheets...boy was I wrong! Eric splurged on sheets when Linens -N- Things went out of business and we are LOVING the luxury and plushness of the three hundred and fifty thread count sheets!!!!!!!

Eric helped pick the room colors of a soft moss/fern green and the accent wall of tobacco brown. I was a little leary of painting a wall that dark of a brown, but it really pops! Our new furniture is Ashley, also from Furniture Emporium in Pocola. We went from a California king to a regular kind and ditched the air bed/mattress for a normal one...thank goodness! Every night feels like a dream already come true! The bed is pretty high off the ground, which tends to interrupt my television view, but I'll get over it and force myself to move every now and then!

Our living room...

The new living room suite finally came almost two weeks ago and I adore it! We ended up purchasing from Furniture Emporium in Pocola like so many of our friends recommended. We are very pleased with their service and selection, although we still do not have our ottoman that goes with the chair-and-a-half...disappointing. The delivery guys said they forgot to put it on the truck because it was raining (suprise) and they were in a hurry, but it's still not here!!!
I picked out a suite from Ashley that is identical to this one, but the one we got is said to have been made right here in Fort Smith and was WAY cheaper...just hope it's not "cheaper!" Since the kitchen and living are open to one another completely, the living furniture had to be somewhat neutral so as to not be grotesque next to all of that red in the kitchen!

Our kitchen...

I have debated back and forth about what color should be dominant in the new kitchen and it seems that red won again! There is definitely a large amount of red, but also moss/fern green and beige. I love it! Created some arrangements for the cabinet tops from Wal-Mart and picked up several sale items at Hobby Lobby about a week-and-a-half ago. I think it all came together pretty well. Ignore the fact that our cabinets have no doors...that's another project for another day! :0)

The Flood...

Well, it rained, and it poured, and it rained, and it poured, and it rained some more and we ended up with the great flood in our "back forty..." It was really just the back 1.2, but you get the picture. Anyway, I was a little worried that we might have to go lookin' for a neighbor with a row boat, but it was gone all the way down by that afternoon.

These photos are from about two weeks ago, the Saturday morning that the clouds just dumped buckets on all of the Fort Smith area for hours. The creek you see above is actually usually only a trickle...seriously. And the water cut our property off from itself in back. Flooding by an old dog pen in the back by the tree grove.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Pictues... I Promise...

Have to go to Dallas for a two-day conference tomorrow. I promise to post photos of the house, in it's more complete state, when I return. As it is, I still have to iron, pack, and crawl into bed.

Our furniture (living and master bedroom) was delivered Saturday amongst the drizzle and all out rain. Everything made it inside w/out major damage...a few knicks and cuts, but nothing too bad. Guess that's to be expected. Just know...my bedroom stinkin' looks like a hotel! And who designed it? ME, that's who! Shocker, I know! I'm not really one to brag, but I am truly, honestly proud of my work. Usually, I'll see something in a magazine or on the net, try it, and it's a disaster, but this is SUPER chic and cool and relaxing!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

We are finally moved in...

I know, I know...it's been a while. But, between Vegas and moving, I've been out of the cyber loop with no way to get back in...until now. I'm a little miffed. We had to get a new home phone number after all, and now the wireless internet won't work! So, I'm tying up my unknown number phone line (I can't even remember my own number!) while fighting to get the computer to work right. Nice. On a bright note, Eric and I got the kitchen in order yesterday and now it no longer looks like a bomb went off in there. It is our sole mission this week to get the trip reattached in the master bedroom to have our furniture delivered this coming weekend. In the mean time, I've got to try and book some swim lessons for the boys, sand and paint trim, grade papers, attend fifty gajillion meetings at school, and cut work Friday morning to attend "Muffins for Moms" at the preschool! Whew! Oh, yeah, don't forget your mothers! :0)

Last thought...Yesterday, when it rained four inches, we literally had a river running through our back yard...will post pics ASAP!