Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Christmas Card Craze...

 Braden actually took the photo of Eric and I for this year's Christmas card.  He did a great job!
 He's also a major camera ham!  I did a whole photo shoot with him.  He himself posed all different kinds of ways and just had a ball!  When Garrett started whining, Braden was so frustrated
Garrett Jake was not having any part of that green shirt!  I asked him to put it on for a quick shot, but he burst into wailing tears anyway.  After threats and promises, Eric finally got him to at least stop crying and sort of make a half-way decent face for the photo!  Really, it was the promise of having his Wii taken away for yet another week that did it! :0)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

"The Mountain..."

So, Amy and I are here at Mt. Petit Jean again...good food and good teaching fun.  If only I weren't ill.  I was at the clinic with two antsy boys at 9:00 this morning, dressed and somewhat ready to teach Kid's Own Worship, but suffering from kidney blight. darn  kidneys.  Anyway, looking forward to all the cool things I'll learn while I'm here, but not looking forward to missing my boys...all three of them! :9)  So, greeting to all from "the mountain..."

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ready For Turkey Day, Anyone?????...

I am SO ready for a break!!!!  Life in the world of junior high has been rough lately and I've pretty much had it.  Every morning, Garrett wakes up and cries because he has to go to school and I feel the same way much of the time.  One of these days, I may just have to give in and stay home with him. 

I'm ready for a vistit from Grandma Susie and Aunt Stacy, I'm ready for three days off, I'm ready for no worries, lots of cooking, snacking, watching cartoons, and just hangin' out!  I CAN'T WAIT!