Monday, June 29, 2009

My Handsome Husband...

Eric in a sport coat and tie...who knew? This IS BIG NEWS!

Last Wednesday, Eric had to leave the t-ball coaching to David & co. while he attended a metal makers guild meeting. For this auspicious occasion, he was required to wear a coat and tie. SSSSSOOOO...Tuesday, we met him at the mall for lunch, scarfed Geno's, and raced to JCPenney in search of something suitable and affordable. NO LUCK! There was nothing there that would fit Eric, my very own poster boy for the "big and tall male." Disillusioned and completely unsatisfied, we powerwalked down to Dillard's men's store and found not only what we were looking for, but a very knowledgeable and friendly salesman...unlike the "child" working at THAT OTHER STORE. Within minutes, we had a very nice sport coat and ultra cool tie in hand. Now, that tie by itself cost more than I've spent on a single pair of shoes in quite some time...but, he'll not have another one in, like, twenty years, so I insisted we get one that I'm not embarrassed to be seen with him wearing! :0)

I was so proud of the dashing image he protrayed dressed in these classy duds, that I just HAD to do a photo shoot! Now, we all know Eric was not game for this; however, he posed like a pro because he loves me. Remember that Valentine's Day post where I whined and complained that he did nothing? Well folks, let me just say that posing for my little whimsical photo shoot spoke volumes...way more than flowers or candy ever could. He looks quite dashing, don't you think?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Braden's Game Faces...

I adore the many facets and faces of Braden Riley. In any given game of t-ball, or any given moment for that matter, his moods and his facial expressions vary widely. He is sometimes a complete angel, willing to play the game and go with the flow. Other times, he is just the complete opposite. He pouts and moans and wails and ...well, you get the idea. Anyway, he's gorgeous no matter what, even when he's sulking, as you can see.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day...

Happy Father's Day to the very best dad that I know...Braden and Garrett's dad! Poor Eric, his birthday was Friday and it always gets smooshed up against Father's Day, but he truly doesn't care. Think of what an awesome Father's Day Curley Springs had way back in 1973, what with a brand new son to help celebrate!

Also, thank you to Mary Kate for the tips on marking photos so others cannot steal! What is this world coming to anyway?

The first photo posted here is from our BBQ last evening. The boys WOULD NOT be still for a second, so some of them are totally blurry, but I think you get the idea. Four cousins, lined up at the kitchen bar, squealing and eating and racing to see who could get back to the bunkbed tent the fastest.This one was for posterity.

We had a great time with our friends and appreciate everyone coming over. I finally got to meet Hadley and Cooper in person last night and I am in love with them. They were both dedicated/christened at church this morning. Eric and I went over to The Woodlands to be there and to visit for their first sevice in the new building. It was a wonderful service, the music was excellent, and it was so great to see everyone again! It was neat to see sort of the "final product" of a church venture we all began together two years ago. While Eric and I have since taken our young family back to St. Paul, I think that we might like to attend service at The Woodlands from time to time. It was really very nice and awesome to hear Pastor Ben preach again.

Currently, Eric is lounging on the sofa, taking in the Cardinals game. I am more than happy for him to do so. He spent all morning yesterday mowing and trimming and he had to work this weekend, too...including before church this morning. He cooked an amazing meal for all of us last night and he definitely deserves a break!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Random Photo Post...

My own little ring-tail tooters have been up to no good, all good, and somewhere in the middle during these three weeks of summer. Just a few pics to highlight their mischief...

"Take a picture of ME! No, not Garrett, ME! Thanks, Mom!"


"Mom! I have red eyes!," screamed Braden as he perused the digital image that appeared on his mother's Nikon. "Chill out. I'll fix it before I post," she replied. Oops!

Those are baby frogs that exist by the thousands all around our home. The boys are entranced by them! Every night they find two, name them, call them brother and sister, and commence in frog torture...not on purpose, just being boys. After five minutes or so, Eric or I will convince them to "free the frogs."

My Boys Take Swim Lessons...

Let me begin by saying that I do not know how to "swim." There, the secret's out! I can doggy paddle, I guess, and could probably save my own life if I ever fell into a pool, but there is really not a shred of skill evident in anything swimming related between a pool and myself. That being said, I insisted, and Eric fully agreed, that our sons have swimming lessons. Reflect on one of my previous posts where the water in the backyard creek was flooded and half way to our doorstep...they need to know how to swim.

I signed them up for home lessons with Mr. Ian Bullock. He coaches a Fort Smith swim team and works at Northside High School. He has great recommendations and the boys love him! I was afraid that Braden, specifically, would not enjoy lessons or would refuse to get in, but he's done just beautifully, as has Garrett. Braden's only problems are that he constantly wants to do cannonballs and that he's discovered the shallowness of the teaching pool...he now "swim walks" instead of swimming outright. So, here are a few shots I took on the last day of their first week of lessons. (They will eventually take three more weeks of lessons, beginning again next week.)

On the way to lessons, Garrett said, "Mommy, I have to keep my chin up and mouth closed!" Cute...that's exactly what he was told to do...after choking on a mouthful of pool water!

Coach Bullock helping Braden learn to float on his back.

Garrett's turn!

The terrible twosome. I emailed Coach to apologize for inapropriate cannonball behavior on day four...he said, "They're boys." I guess he should know...he used to be one.

Garrett dramatized a toe injury suffered THREE days prior while running on the driveway w/out shoes. After I'd poo poo'd his whining for about three or four minutes, Coach B. offered to kiss it and Garrett was all for it. I about fainted...Garrett doesn't like anyone, me included. Now, Coach is kissing boo boos...who knew?

The One and Only...Dixie Chopper...

While I may appear to be in the depths of despair, I'm really not...well, maybe, but only because Eric insisted on photographing me on THE Dixie Chopper (cue angelic singing in the background). Eric talked and talked and talked about purchasing a ZTR-zero turn radius for those of us who don't know and don't care-to cut down on the LONG mowing time for three acres. So, long story short, I am fully in favor of cutting a four plus hour job to an hour and a half, but am totally frustrated by the way it "drives." I'm learning. Yes, I was ALLOWED to operate said Dixie Chopper. Shocking, I know. After all, it is the "man mobile!" And I promised to post this photo in return for something, but forgot what it, not that...

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Braden and the Dentist...

No pictures...
Didn't want to even have to go to this visit, much less take photos...eww.

In the past, Braden has gone to the same dentist Eric and I use. He does not specialize in pediatric dentistry, but he does see MANY kid patients. Over the course of about three years, the hygenist has never been able to take photos of Braden's teeth. The result? One chipped out filling and two other "trouble spots" that could only be seen on film...gone unnoticed all this time. SOOOOO...we han an initial consultation with Dr. Willis, my old dentist who gave me the boot at 18, and then went back for the work to be done last Thursday.

Braden had to drink the icky liquid that made him sleepy and then was wrapped in a papoose that would keep him from grabbing or touching anything he shouldn't. While I anxiously awaited his work completion, the hygenist came out to inform me that one of Braden's teeth was completely dead and would have to be removed! After I ok'd that, they came to get me about thirty minutes later. Apparently, because of the delay of discovering a tooth would have to be extracted, Braden woke from his slumber a little too early and went bazonkers!

When they brought Braden out to me, he was drooling blood and was still quite drowsy. He also cannot have any sort of gum or sticky candy from now on. The biggie, though, was that he is no longer allowed to crunch ice or suckers...Braden's favorite hobby.

Needless to say, I made Garrett an appointment while I was there so we won't have to go through this ordeal again in two years...that same dentist has not, to date, been able to get pictures of Garrett's teeth either!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Braden Graduates Preschool...

Braden's graduation from preschool was another one of those weepy-eyed milestones that I simply had to "get through." Bless his heart...he sometimes gets so tired of me fawning all over him at these moments, but he's a good sport. He lets me hug and kiss and wipe away those pesky tears that just can't be held back. He made his father and I so proud on graduation day by sitting still on the stage and doing exactly as was practiced so many times (shocker!). While others were falling out of chairs, talking, and whatnot, Braden behaved himself like we always knew he could! His narrative lines went down just as practiced and the teacher he's insisted hated him all year was the first to get tons of hugs when the whole thing was over. Even though I had to rush back to work and miss the luncheon after graduation, Nana was there to help Eric with the boys and take my place for the afternoon. I appreciated that SO much...thanks MOM! :0)

So, we are now looking forward to kindergarten and all that public school has to offer. Look out Cook Elementary...the class from Grace is on its way!

Garrett was chosen, along with a few others from his class, to hand out programs for the Pre-K graduation...he was so proud!

Braden accepts his diploma from the Grace director, Ms. Erin.

One of Braden's roles was to tell the audience about their class' visit from airline Captain Duncan.

He also talked a little about their November unit on Pilgrims and Native Americans.

Braden and friends!

This was actually Braden's grand entrance into the sanctuary for graduation.