Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Random Photo Post...

My own little ring-tail tooters have been up to no good, all good, and somewhere in the middle during these three weeks of summer. Just a few pics to highlight their mischief...

"Take a picture of ME! No, not Garrett, ME! Thanks, Mom!"


"Mom! I have red eyes!," screamed Braden as he perused the digital image that appeared on his mother's Nikon. "Chill out. I'll fix it before I post," she replied. Oops!

Those are baby frogs that exist by the thousands all around our home. The boys are entranced by them! Every night they find two, name them, call them brother and sister, and commence in frog torture...not on purpose, just being boys. After five minutes or so, Eric or I will convince them to "free the frogs."