Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My Boys Take Swim Lessons...

Let me begin by saying that I do not know how to "swim." There, the secret's out! I can doggy paddle, I guess, and could probably save my own life if I ever fell into a pool, but there is really not a shred of skill evident in anything swimming related between a pool and myself. That being said, I insisted, and Eric fully agreed, that our sons have swimming lessons. Reflect on one of my previous posts where the water in the backyard creek was flooded and half way to our doorstep...they need to know how to swim.

I signed them up for home lessons with Mr. Ian Bullock. He coaches a Fort Smith swim team and works at Northside High School. He has great recommendations and the boys love him! I was afraid that Braden, specifically, would not enjoy lessons or would refuse to get in, but he's done just beautifully, as has Garrett. Braden's only problems are that he constantly wants to do cannonballs and that he's discovered the shallowness of the teaching pool...he now "swim walks" instead of swimming outright. So, here are a few shots I took on the last day of their first week of lessons. (They will eventually take three more weeks of lessons, beginning again next week.)

On the way to lessons, Garrett said, "Mommy, I have to keep my chin up and mouth closed!" Cute...that's exactly what he was told to do...after choking on a mouthful of pool water!

Coach Bullock helping Braden learn to float on his back.

Garrett's turn!

The terrible twosome. I emailed Coach to apologize for inapropriate cannonball behavior on day four...he said, "They're boys." I guess he should know...he used to be one.

Garrett dramatized a toe injury suffered THREE days prior while running on the driveway w/out shoes. After I'd poo poo'd his whining for about three or four minutes, Coach B. offered to kiss it and Garrett was all for it. I about fainted...Garrett doesn't like anyone, me included. Now, Coach is kissing boo boos...who knew?