Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Braden Graduates Preschool...

Braden's graduation from preschool was another one of those weepy-eyed milestones that I simply had to "get through." Bless his heart...he sometimes gets so tired of me fawning all over him at these moments, but he's a good sport. He lets me hug and kiss and wipe away those pesky tears that just can't be held back. He made his father and I so proud on graduation day by sitting still on the stage and doing exactly as was practiced so many times (shocker!). While others were falling out of chairs, talking, and whatnot, Braden behaved himself like we always knew he could! His narrative lines went down just as practiced and the teacher he's insisted hated him all year was the first to get tons of hugs when the whole thing was over. Even though I had to rush back to work and miss the luncheon after graduation, Nana was there to help Eric with the boys and take my place for the afternoon. I appreciated that SO much...thanks MOM! :0)

So, we are now looking forward to kindergarten and all that public school has to offer. Look out Cook Elementary...the class from Grace is on its way!

Garrett was chosen, along with a few others from his class, to hand out programs for the Pre-K graduation...he was so proud!

Braden accepts his diploma from the Grace director, Ms. Erin.

One of Braden's roles was to tell the audience about their class' visit from airline Captain Duncan.

He also talked a little about their November unit on Pilgrims and Native Americans.

Braden and friends!

This was actually Braden's grand entrance into the sanctuary for graduation.