Monday, June 29, 2009

My Handsome Husband...

Eric in a sport coat and tie...who knew? This IS BIG NEWS!

Last Wednesday, Eric had to leave the t-ball coaching to David & co. while he attended a metal makers guild meeting. For this auspicious occasion, he was required to wear a coat and tie. SSSSSOOOO...Tuesday, we met him at the mall for lunch, scarfed Geno's, and raced to JCPenney in search of something suitable and affordable. NO LUCK! There was nothing there that would fit Eric, my very own poster boy for the "big and tall male." Disillusioned and completely unsatisfied, we powerwalked down to Dillard's men's store and found not only what we were looking for, but a very knowledgeable and friendly salesman...unlike the "child" working at THAT OTHER STORE. Within minutes, we had a very nice sport coat and ultra cool tie in hand. Now, that tie by itself cost more than I've spent on a single pair of shoes in quite some time...but, he'll not have another one in, like, twenty years, so I insisted we get one that I'm not embarrassed to be seen with him wearing! :0)

I was so proud of the dashing image he protrayed dressed in these classy duds, that I just HAD to do a photo shoot! Now, we all know Eric was not game for this; however, he posed like a pro because he loves me. Remember that Valentine's Day post where I whined and complained that he did nothing? Well folks, let me just say that posing for my little whimsical photo shoot spoke volumes...way more than flowers or candy ever could. He looks quite dashing, don't you think?