Sunday, June 7, 2009

Braden and the Dentist...

No pictures...
Didn't want to even have to go to this visit, much less take photos...eww.

In the past, Braden has gone to the same dentist Eric and I use. He does not specialize in pediatric dentistry, but he does see MANY kid patients. Over the course of about three years, the hygenist has never been able to take photos of Braden's teeth. The result? One chipped out filling and two other "trouble spots" that could only be seen on film...gone unnoticed all this time. SOOOOO...we han an initial consultation with Dr. Willis, my old dentist who gave me the boot at 18, and then went back for the work to be done last Thursday.

Braden had to drink the icky liquid that made him sleepy and then was wrapped in a papoose that would keep him from grabbing or touching anything he shouldn't. While I anxiously awaited his work completion, the hygenist came out to inform me that one of Braden's teeth was completely dead and would have to be removed! After I ok'd that, they came to get me about thirty minutes later. Apparently, because of the delay of discovering a tooth would have to be extracted, Braden woke from his slumber a little too early and went bazonkers!

When they brought Braden out to me, he was drooling blood and was still quite drowsy. He also cannot have any sort of gum or sticky candy from now on. The biggie, though, was that he is no longer allowed to crunch ice or suckers...Braden's favorite hobby.

Needless to say, I made Garrett an appointment while I was there so we won't have to go through this ordeal again in two years...that same dentist has not, to date, been able to get pictures of Garrett's teeth either!


Mary Kate said...

A BBQ sounds great...I have been wanting to come see your house sometime...and you all's been way to long!! How is your summer going?? you just let us know when & what we can bring!!