Monday, August 31, 2009

St. Louis Vacation

Braden and Garrett practice for future careers as Supreme Court justices at The Magic House children's museum.

Declan, Garrett, Marlena, and Braden show their true colors as they reluctantly pose before going to feed the ducks.

Taking a break at Grant's Farm after getting on the fastest carousel I'd ever been on...WOAH!
Garrett finally looking happy after displaying enough questionable behavior to make us have to bail on the Cardinal game in the 8th inning.

Braden, also quite pleased with himself...maybe we'll make it through an entire game next year!

Braden and T-Ball...

In the shuffle this summer, I had misplaced Braden's t-ball photos. I ran across them this weekend while searching for his missing winter clothes (still MIA). After all the drama through the season, he said yesterday that he wishes the next season for St. Paul would start right now! Imagine!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Garrett, My Baby, Turns Four...

Today was Garrett Jake's fourth birthday! I cannot believe it's already been four years...




-late nights

-early mornings



-burp rags

-10 pound diaper bags

It all seems so far away, and yet I remember it like it was yesterday! Poor Garrett. He always gets the short end of the stick. What with school starting at the end of August and his mommy being a teacher and all, I always let the date sneak up on me. That's why Garrett has never had a party with his only. So, this year it will be different...although it will be belated. Garrett has picked a pirate theme for his "friend" party to be held in a few weeks. Tonight, though, we had a "family" party here at the house. Unfortunately, I only got one photo because my camera battery died. But, it was a nice one with his Nana, who was helping him light the candles on his cake.

Garrett cried this morning because his daddy and Braden made a Texas sheet cake while he and I were lounging in bed watching cartoons. Garrett really wanted to help make the cake, but it was pretty much done by the time he woke up. Then, I didn't realize he wanted to put the candles on the cake, so I did it myself...he cried again. Nana saved the day by letting him help light the candles. Go Nana! As Garrett would say..."You rock!" Don't ask me where he heard that, but it came out in Sam's Club this afternoon. Who knew?

So, Garrett's four. I remember that he was born the day after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and that's all that was on television (between contractions) and all that the nurses were talking about. I also remember that Garrett was the smaller of my two boys, at birth, but look at him now! Definitely heavier and heftier than his big brother! :0)

Happy Birthday, Garrett! We love you!

A Long-Awaited Post...

Let me first apologize for the lengthy wait between's been a whirlwind end of summer! We took a trip to St. Louis to visit with Eric's mom and the very next weekend headed up to Branson for the final weekend of Kid's Fest. Then, it was back to work with professional development workshops, kindergarten and preschool orientations, and finally getting the boys' closet/clothing cleaned up and organized! WHEW! (I still can't find Braden's winter clothes for the upcoming season...the search is on and I'm losing the battle! Moving...argh!)

The photos are from the first day of school. Braden was very excited, but has gone through some difficulties getting adjusted to SPICE, after school care, and we finally had to find him a ride to school in the mornings so he wouldn't have to get there so early. Bless his heart...he can' t help it that his mommy works all the way across town! It's bad enough that he still gets his feelings hurt sometimes because I'm not there to pick him up in the afternoons when all of his friends go home. He and Garrett now get dropped together at Grace in the mornings and one of the preschool teachers comes by to get him and takes him to school with her daughters. It's been a life saver and I am so grateful!!!!

The boys are swimming with Coach Bullock three days a week after school. They have both reverted to holding on to the side of the pool and pulling themselves along, but hopefully they'll both start swimming soon! They do fine diving off the board, just swimming away to the edge, but they are hesitant to let go when just swimming straight out. I don't understand it.

The school year for me is good so far, but is about to get hectic. I will begin in full swing starting tomorrow. I only have one class that I really don't care for, but at least I have Cindy to back me up in there! Most of the classes are huge, but my last period only has eleven kids and I adore them all! What a great way to end the day!

I will post tomorrow (promise) with pics from our vacations!