Sunday, August 30, 2009

Garrett, My Baby, Turns Four...

Today was Garrett Jake's fourth birthday! I cannot believe it's already been four years...




-late nights

-early mornings



-burp rags

-10 pound diaper bags

It all seems so far away, and yet I remember it like it was yesterday! Poor Garrett. He always gets the short end of the stick. What with school starting at the end of August and his mommy being a teacher and all, I always let the date sneak up on me. That's why Garrett has never had a party with his only. So, this year it will be different...although it will be belated. Garrett has picked a pirate theme for his "friend" party to be held in a few weeks. Tonight, though, we had a "family" party here at the house. Unfortunately, I only got one photo because my camera battery died. But, it was a nice one with his Nana, who was helping him light the candles on his cake.

Garrett cried this morning because his daddy and Braden made a Texas sheet cake while he and I were lounging in bed watching cartoons. Garrett really wanted to help make the cake, but it was pretty much done by the time he woke up. Then, I didn't realize he wanted to put the candles on the cake, so I did it myself...he cried again. Nana saved the day by letting him help light the candles. Go Nana! As Garrett would say..."You rock!" Don't ask me where he heard that, but it came out in Sam's Club this afternoon. Who knew?

So, Garrett's four. I remember that he was born the day after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and that's all that was on television (between contractions) and all that the nurses were talking about. I also remember that Garrett was the smaller of my two boys, at birth, but look at him now! Definitely heavier and heftier than his big brother! :0)

Happy Birthday, Garrett! We love you!


Mary Kate said...

Happy Birthday Garrett Jake!!!