Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Post #50...

So, isn't the fiftieth post supposed to be like a milestone or something? Do I get a prize for sticking with it for so long? No? No prize? No reward? No "All hail Queen of the Blog?" Well, if that's the way it's going to be...

I had to stay home with the boys again today. As previously posted, they both have bronchitis and Braden began vomiting around six this morning. He didn't have any dinner last night because he refused my sloppy joes...and I am NOT a short order he ate nothing. He said this morning that he was really thirsty, so I got up and poured him some orange juice. Great, yeah, back to bed with me. Eric left for work, but came back sneakily with Paradise donuts, and snuck back out again...I thought he was actually leaving for the first time. Anyway, a few minutes later, Braden began to wretch (sp?) and I thought his whole stomach was going to come up. Nope! Just orange juice! ARGH! He was really pitiful all doubled over and heaving up mucus and spit in my bed! Gross, I know...I was there, remember? I finally got him settled in the recliner with a towel and some pedialyte. He got sick a little more and then slept for two hours. I really felt for him.

I took the boys down to the house after lunch and they laid in front of the televison on a pallet with sleeping bags to rest and watch cartoons while I painted the rest of the office. It wasn't long before they were arguing, and then the stick horses began to fly (I mean swords, sorry, swords began to fly...'cause what else would you do with a stick horse?'s a sword!). I'm pretty sure they're well enough for school even though they have lingering, hacking coughs. Garrett missed his field trip today, but what kind of mother would I be if I let the animals at Deer Acres Zoo in Hacket be exposed to his bronchitis germs??? Besides, I can take them this summer. After all, it's just right up the road! :0)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sick Boys...


Braden and Garrett both have bronchitis! They were puny over Easter, but still managed to have fun. Braden's teacher wrote a note in his folder yesterday about his "annoying" cough...
So, I went to work for 1/2 a day today and made and emergency visit to Dr. Fred. We had to wait an hour and a half, but it's worth it. He couldn't see inside Braden's ear to check for infection due to the enormous amount of ear wax. So, first Dr. Fred tried to fish it out, but Braden squirmed and yelled. Then, he tried putting numbing drops in Braden's ears so he wouldn't be hurt...nothin' doin'! Finally, we gave up and I have to get some drops to try and get the wax out. Garrett's ears are clear, even though he constantly complains about them...I think he's just used to complaining since he spent basically the whole winter on antibiotics for ear infection!

Braden is the worse off of the two, so Garrett will get two doses of meds in him and be off on his field trip to Deer Acres Zoo tomorrow...I know, not thrilling, but he's excited. Braden, on the other hand, has to stay home with me.

In the mean time, Braden and I have a dentist appointment in Spiro at 3:30. Guess I better go, huh?

Oh, last night Eric and I moved our first official piece of furniture into the house! We put the entertainment center from our old living room in the kids' playroom! I'm so excited!!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009


This is the view of our new backyard from the master bedroom window. Yes, that's a cow...yes, it smells slightly of manure...yes, I like reminds me of childhood.

This is a closeup of the corner of our master bedroom where the accent wall (brown) meets the loden green...that's the edge of the tray at the top. It looks so cool, comforting, and inviting.

This is the boys' red bedroom and doorway to their bathroom.

This is the boys' "jack and jill" bathroom that connects their bedroom to the playroom. All of this intense color is their choice, but can be blocked from view from the rest of the house. It looks a little garish on screen, but is really quite nice in person. I can't wait to get all of their baseball stuff arranged in their's gonna' be great!

Happy Easter...

Aren't they handsome???? Perhaps I'm biased, but I honestly believe these are two of the best lookin' boys this side of the Mississippi! Eric and I worked on the house all day Saturday, so I felt really sorry for our boys that had to stay inside. Thank goodness Michael came over to mow our yard (thanks a bunch!) and gave the boys each a ride after he was finished. It was pretty depressing that we weren't able to have an egg hunt for them or anything, but time is of the essence to finish up specific projects before moving major furniture into the house.

Ms. Paula at church saved the day, though, with games and treats at Parent's Night Out Saturday night and an indoor egg hunt this morning. Apparently there was a "money egg" in the mix this morning and Garrett found it! $1 richer!

Over the three day weekend, Eric and I finished painting the kids' red bedroom, painted two coats on our bedroom (green and brown), laid most of the laminate flooring in the boys' room, and began painting the office. OH, AND WE ORDERED OUR NEW FURNITURE! I am so excited! We've saved and planned for this for a long time and I just can't wait to see it in the house!

We have come to the realization that we may well have to put all of the kitchen cabinet doors back on and move on in. Then, take a few off at a time to refinish them. We didn't think our furniture would be here for about a month or so, but it'll be about two weeks, so have to get moving on a few other imperative projects first. Eric and I are both heading out of town for business back to back at the end of this month, so it's getting close to crunch time!

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Monday, April 6, 2009

OMG...The Red Room Nightmare!

If only I had a picture, but can't bear to actually post the hideousness of the Cardinal baseball room that was supposed to be a simple flat red...and that's it. All of the places that I cut in with the brush are awful! The red paint blobbed up and dried VERY dark! Now, I can't get the paint that's being rolled on to match the brushed on disaster! Eric said I should put a few more coats on and see if it doesn't even out, but then it's going to be way too dark, but what other choice do I have? $50 or so worth of paint means I can't afford to change my mind! I have considered doing the crinkled Wal-Mart bag effect by dipping in paint and "sponging" on the wall to create various hues and patterns of red, but I really think it'll be too busy. The room is pretty small and the red is just garish! Will update as soon as status of said nasty-colored room has changed...

On a brighter note, the boys' bathroom in this shade is great! I love it! I had to do two coats since it was going over a deep tan color, but it's just wonderful. Eric and I worked until 12:30 Saturday morning painting the ceilings white (rather than the beige they were) in the bedroom, bathroom, and playroom. The boys' bathroom is quite small and cramped, but the bright paints on the ceiling and walls really helped open things up!

The playroom is no longer neon green, but rather a nice, soft beige that soothes the eye...not like the red bedroom! Anyway, the playroom is finished and ready to have furniture moved in! I am planning to rehang the boys' Noah's ark artwork from their nursery since there is one corner that's angled off at just the right width to really highlight the frames. I was going to make it Cars, like their bathroom, but I just wanted at least one neutral area for them to live in! I'll hang the huge Cars poster from my mom in the bathroom instead!

I have a few "before " pictures of the house and will soon have the "after." Be patient with me and my tired all the time now from constantly working on two houses. We didn't get to the new house until late Saturday morning 'cause I felt a desperate urge to clean the duplex first! It's hard keeping two homes up at one time.

For those of you who know you'll be asked to help us move (please, please, pretty please!), you'll be happy to know that we are moving as much as we can on our own over the course of the month of April. This weekend, we moved our new television and the kitchen dining set from the old house. Planning to move the entertainment center from our current living room to the playroom, so that won't be a burden either! We'll keep it movin' so you all won't have to do much! You're welcome, in advance! :0)