Monday, April 6, 2009

OMG...The Red Room Nightmare!

If only I had a picture, but can't bear to actually post the hideousness of the Cardinal baseball room that was supposed to be a simple flat red...and that's it. All of the places that I cut in with the brush are awful! The red paint blobbed up and dried VERY dark! Now, I can't get the paint that's being rolled on to match the brushed on disaster! Eric said I should put a few more coats on and see if it doesn't even out, but then it's going to be way too dark, but what other choice do I have? $50 or so worth of paint means I can't afford to change my mind! I have considered doing the crinkled Wal-Mart bag effect by dipping in paint and "sponging" on the wall to create various hues and patterns of red, but I really think it'll be too busy. The room is pretty small and the red is just garish! Will update as soon as status of said nasty-colored room has changed...

On a brighter note, the boys' bathroom in this shade is great! I love it! I had to do two coats since it was going over a deep tan color, but it's just wonderful. Eric and I worked until 12:30 Saturday morning painting the ceilings white (rather than the beige they were) in the bedroom, bathroom, and playroom. The boys' bathroom is quite small and cramped, but the bright paints on the ceiling and walls really helped open things up!

The playroom is no longer neon green, but rather a nice, soft beige that soothes the eye...not like the red bedroom! Anyway, the playroom is finished and ready to have furniture moved in! I am planning to rehang the boys' Noah's ark artwork from their nursery since there is one corner that's angled off at just the right width to really highlight the frames. I was going to make it Cars, like their bathroom, but I just wanted at least one neutral area for them to live in! I'll hang the huge Cars poster from my mom in the bathroom instead!

I have a few "before " pictures of the house and will soon have the "after." Be patient with me and my tired all the time now from constantly working on two houses. We didn't get to the new house until late Saturday morning 'cause I felt a desperate urge to clean the duplex first! It's hard keeping two homes up at one time.

For those of you who know you'll be asked to help us move (please, please, pretty please!), you'll be happy to know that we are moving as much as we can on our own over the course of the month of April. This weekend, we moved our new television and the kitchen dining set from the old house. Planning to move the entertainment center from our current living room to the playroom, so that won't be a burden either! We'll keep it movin' so you all won't have to do much! You're welcome, in advance! :0)