Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sick Boys...


Braden and Garrett both have bronchitis! They were puny over Easter, but still managed to have fun. Braden's teacher wrote a note in his folder yesterday about his "annoying" cough...
So, I went to work for 1/2 a day today and made and emergency visit to Dr. Fred. We had to wait an hour and a half, but it's worth it. He couldn't see inside Braden's ear to check for infection due to the enormous amount of ear wax. So, first Dr. Fred tried to fish it out, but Braden squirmed and yelled. Then, he tried putting numbing drops in Braden's ears so he wouldn't be hurt...nothin' doin'! Finally, we gave up and I have to get some drops to try and get the wax out. Garrett's ears are clear, even though he constantly complains about them...I think he's just used to complaining since he spent basically the whole winter on antibiotics for ear infection!

Braden is the worse off of the two, so Garrett will get two doses of meds in him and be off on his field trip to Deer Acres Zoo tomorrow...I know, not thrilling, but he's excited. Braden, on the other hand, has to stay home with me.

In the mean time, Braden and I have a dentist appointment in Spiro at 3:30. Guess I better go, huh?

Oh, last night Eric and I moved our first official piece of furniture into the house! We put the entertainment center from our old living room in the kids' playroom! I'm so excited!!!


Heather said...

ok...somehow when i added you to my favorites it saved the last post that you had done and everytime i have checked your blog...it has just shown that page..so i thought you hadn't updated in a long time. How exciting about your house and all the fun paint colors....i feel your pain on the red, it kills me to spend a fortune on paint and then have all that trouble and not "love it"! can't wait to see pics of it all done!!!!