Saturday, September 26, 2009

UH, OH...

Garrett Jake has a major booboo on his chin! I won't gross anyone out by posting photos of it, but it all started about two years ago with a nasty fall from a slide at preschool that resulted in a huge puffy scar under the chin. Then, last Tuesday, there was a note in his folder that said he'd fallen off of the same slide again, and hit his chin and eye. The result was a bit of a reddish/purple eye and a nasty bruise under his chin...right next to the puffy scar. The last straw was Thursday at swim class when he jumped off into the water and hit his chin on the side of the pool. It gashed his chin open, again. We had to leave because it was bleeding, but I managed to get it under control with pressure and a Diego bandaid. Where would we be without our Diego bandaids????? I just don't know what I'm going to do with that child! He's a walking accident! :0)

On a lighter note, I took the boys to see UP last night at the cheap movie with Erica and her boys. My two sat through the whole movie for the first time without melting down or having to get up fifty times to potty! :0) Thank goodness for fruit snacks...even though I had to sneak them in! I just can't feed my kids that junk at the theater. Speaking of sneaking food in, while we were in line to get tickets, my nephew, Tyler, asked his mother quite loudly when he could have all of that candy in her purse... You should have heard the two of us trying to explain (fib) to this child that all of that candy was for the Halloween carnival at his school...the things we do to save a buck...or ten...the two small sodas I sprung for were $7.50! OUCH!