Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Things That Bug Me...

1. If you only "comment" on this blog (in Japanese characters) so that your stupid skin site will eventually show up, STOP IT! Clearly, this is a family site and you are not welcome here!

2. Looking to have my fourth boss in the last nine years...there is seriously something wrong with that. Why doesn't anybody love us as much as we love ourselves? (in a good way) Actually, it reminds me of all those band directors we had in quick succession in high school...

3. Being on antibiotics and needing a good stiff drink at the same time...rats!

4. People who don't do their job...'nuff said.

5. Nashville, the home of my beloved country music, under water.

6. Braden on yellow, orange, or (God forbid) RED again!

7. Not being able to whirl in circles under the canopy of pecan trees...used to always do that as a kid as soon as the leaves all came back on the trees.

8. Insufficient child care...Virginia could have been so much fun for two overworked parentals.

9. Being tired all the time.

10. Whining children, both at home and at school...although none at school have ever hit me...can't say the same for my own.

11. Ladies putting makeup on using the mirror on the back of their car visor while attempting to drive. Hello! Dangerous! Duh!

12. Icing on my lip at the party tonight and the hubby didn't even tell me.

13. My internet order that's taking longer to get here than next Christmas!

14. Failing students who NOW want to know what they can do to pass my it's not just a few weeks until the end of the year. They are the same ones who haven't hit a lick ALL year!

15. My son turning off the computer in the middle of my blog session...just now...

Well, I guess that's about it. Feels good to vent.


Live, Dream, Inspire, Love said...

I laughed out loud on several of these! Feel you pain!

Jen said...

Ditto! 'nuff said.