Monday, February 16, 2009

Apologies to Eric...

I blogged some pretty heated words in reference to Eric's Valentine's Day slip of the mind. I was pretty harsh, I suppose. I guess Michael's phone call to make sure Eric was still breathing was my wake up call. So, Eric...I apologize.

You know folks, he really is a wonderful husband, he's just not as sentimental as I would have him to be. I swear upon the name of all of the unsentimental men in my family, live and deceased, that I will make sure my sons realize that a woman just needs a little something sweet at just the right Valentine's Day.

Eric did purchase the cranberry Dooney for me at Christmas...secretly. And he did do the exact same thing last year with the hunter croc pattern Dooney...secretly. And he did agree to let me take a PRICEY photography class next weekend, even though we are in a deep depression in this country ( a girl's gotta' take good pics!). And he did drive all the way to NSU on our very first Valentine's Day to take me to dinner and suprised me with a necklace, earrings, and bracelet...ruby of course. Pssst...whatever happened to that guy? JK! :0) And he does so much for the boys and I, like take care of everyone's breakfast in the mornings and often packs my lunch. And he drives well on snow and ice. And he gives great bear hugs. And he's really good at math and science. And he tolerates my AWFUL "singing" in the car at the top of my lungs any time a Reba or Judds song comes on. And he loves XM satellite more than I do and is willing to pay for it. And he puts the toothpaste on my toothbrush sometimes. And he folds laundry. And he washes dishes. And he's a better chef than I. And he cleans bathrooms. And he vaccuums. And he reads to our children. And he sings in the church praise team. And he's coaching t-ball for the first time. And he's the role model, personally and spiritually, I've always dreamed of for my own children. And he apologized for overlooking the importance of Valentine's Day in my eyes. And he's my husband, and I made a mistake by posting our bad. I luv yuuu, BD!


Jen said...

:) I will let Darren know that Eric has been forgiven...I think he's been worried about it!

He also says he wants another Doe's night, as soon as you guys can eat again!

Meinardus Photography said...

We all are hard on our spouses at times! Its ok! :)

What photography class are you taking?