Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Whew...So Much Going On...

I'm a bad much for treating it like a journal, right? Oh, I did...I dropped the journal thing, too, 'cause I always forgot to write in it! :0)

Anyway, we've been super busy getting together a t-ball team over at St. Paul and we've got a possibility for a new home! YEAH! It has three acres and a huge kitchen and I just LOVE it! I don't want to say too much for fear of jinxing myself the way I always do, but just please pray for our family. It's getting old flushin money down the toilet for rent on property we'll never own. And, my boys just need room to roam, and romp, and play! Hopefully, this is the one that qualifies for "something better will come along." I tend to get really down in the dumps when we find something, go to look at it, and then there are too many overhead power lines, or maybe the land lies low and stays wet, or who knows what else.

On a totally different note, my nanny has colitis, enflames and irritated colon. She and my mother were at the ER until four this morning. Now there's a pair that could use some prayer! Seriously, they're both tuckered out and Nanny needs thoughts and prayers. All of this and she's got to have her gall bladder out, too!

Oh, and Braden lost a marble at school Monday for cutting up the bear he was supposed to cut out. There were no details, just a long sentence he had to copy about not cutting up his work and then his father and I have to sign and return...guess I'd better get on that. It's already Wednesday. I know what happened, though. He is JUST like me! Cutting, cutting, cutting, BOOM! Bear loses a paw. Braden gets frustrated, escalates to madness, and the bear loses its head! Not to mention the other three paws. And, he gives up so easily. Poor bear...found the pieces in his folder last night. What was his teacher thinking? Like I didn't believe he did it? I know I don't want the left-overs...I trashed 'em and didn't mention it to Braden. Poor bear? Poor baby...