Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Grace Place Spring Recital...

Braden doing the Macarena!
Nana and her boys!
Braden sings "Greased Lightnin'!"
Braden's "girlfriend," Toree.
Garrett, in background, singing "Surfin' USA!"
The boys generally have never really gotten into the recital act before. Mostly, Braden especially, would just stand on stage and cover his ears with his hands. Garrett always freezes! But, this year they pulled out all the stops and impressed the dog snot (hate that term, but I always use it) out of Mom, Dad, and Nana!!!!! Garrett was so sweet "surfing" on stage with his glasses and leis. That is, by the way, an original Hilo Hattie Hawaiian shirt, smuggled back into the states by none other than his very own mother from the honeymoon so many moons ago! WE bought it for Trevor, but it's now been handed back down...who knew? Braden absolutely stunned us all by his total immersion into the act of a Greaser. From grease rag popping to the hand jive, Braden Riley was all about being the center of attention at this year's recital!!!