Monday, November 9, 2009

Is It Really November?...

After we survived the seemingly endless days of rain, clouds, and more rain, last week was an absolute wonder! Then, this weekend, it felt as if late spring had arrived once again! I took a picture of my blooming buds while we were messing around outside because they haven't bloomed all spring/summer, but now...

The boys had a blast just being out in the sunshine and warmth...after I convinced them to actually go outside. They are still not comfortable being out there in that big ole' yard by themselves. Although, the boy next door came over to play Sunday afternoon and they all had a great time!

Sunday, after church, the boys and I had a picnic lunch out on the hill in the backyard. They are so fun and funny! Look at Garrett's face!

This was Saturday afternoon. After Eric mowed the yard (finally), he took the boys for a ride around the neighborhood and the yard...courtesy of the Dixie Chopper, of course! In the midst of trying to photograph this hilarity, I was being chased by a honey bee AND a red wasp! You should have seen me run!