Monday, December 21, 2009

The Church Christmas Program...

First of all...miracles do happen. AND, my dad's appearance at the program was nothing short of a first class Christmas miracle. The boys were so excited to see him there...totally unexpected.

Garrett, Tyler, and Braden as three of the multitude of shepherds that appeared in the program. Another miracle was that we convinced Garrett to wear the costume! The boys "playing" drums...I called them the little drummer boys and they loved it.

Garrett and the suprise visitor after the program...SANTA! Notice all of the crumbs and left-over snack on Garrett's face!

Not to be outdone, Braden, too, sports loads of left-over goodies on his face, but Santa doesn't care!

After a long evening at church, we came home, donned our jammies, and settled in for Mickey's Christmas special! Ahhhhh...