Sunday, August 15, 2010

Back To The Old Grind...

Well, Garrett starts back to Pre-K tomorrow in the pirate classroom...he's very excited...ARGH!  The total bill, though, for his school supplies was $54!  Good thing they provide a tax deduction sheet...can't say the same for the massive amount of supplies I had to purchase for Braden's public school forray into first grade.  FOUR boxes of crayons????  Are you kidding me????  I have a sneeking suspicion that I'm providing someone else's kid with crayons...and who knows what else?

While Braden is babysitter bound until school starts on Thursday, I'll be working to be professionally developed...whoopee.  You know, I was just thinking, "I need developing, possibly in my profession, this week.  Yep, development is the key."  Really, I'd rather just get to it with the students.  I am pumped, have lots of good ideas, and can't wait to get started!!!

Still feeling well with the sickness.  Although, I'm finding it increasingly difficult to digest just about everything I eat.  It tends to stick with me for HOURS.  But, when I do get hungry, I feel like I could eat the rear end out of a Eric so eloquently puts it!  I am not gaining any weight (perhaps it's too early for that), but I am absolute best pals with my treadmill.  Should probably still be doing the Slim in Six workouts, but I can't read while I do that.  On the treadmill, I'm going through the books like crazy...and I don't want to stop, even when I'm tired, because I'm always at a really good I just keep walking! :0)