Saturday, August 28, 2010

Garrett's 5th Birthday Sleepover...

After all we've been through as a family recently, I am just not up to a "friend" (big, expensive, time-consuming) party this year.  So, we invited cousins Tyler and Jacob to Chuck E. Cheese instead.  We all had a great time! Braden seriously cleaned up on tickets at the Sponge Bob game!  Afterwards, we took the kids to Great American Cookie (silly parents).  Four little boys in the noisy, echoing halls of the LOUD!  Tyler came for a sleepover, so the boys ate their cookies before moving into the guest room for an all-night movie marathon (yeah, right).

This is what they really looked like...sugar coma!

This is what they morphed into when I forced them to "smile..."

This is what I found at 6:45 this morning...Tyler was in the playroom scouting for more toys to bring to the top bunk.  Somewhere between all of this, I had to search out Garrett's allergy meds for Tyler snort because he was completely clogged up and upset, then Tyler and Garrett abandoned the movie idea and left Braden in the room alone to go play Transformers in the boys' bedroom.  Braden came to tattle on them some time around 10:30, so I put the two monkeys in bed and took Braden to my room...he instantly fell asleep.  I have no clue when Tyler and Garrett passed out, but at 4 this morning, Garrett came to tell me that he couldn't sleep with Tyler who smelled bad (Garrett thinks everyone and everything smells bad...he's so sensitive).  So, I put Garrett on the bottom bunk with Braden (who I moved when Garrett came to complain about Tyler) and tucked all 3 sleepy, cranky boys in...praying for them to sleep late.  WHATEVER!  Eric got them donuts for breakfast and now everyone is playing happily!  I'd call it a success, considering it's the very first sleepover any of them have had! Good times, folks...good times!