Sunday, January 30, 2011

Braden Riley's 7th Birthday...

Well, this post is a little late...well, a lot actually, but better late than never...right?  Right?  So, Braden's party was the first Saturday in January, the first night of Parent's Night Out for the new year, just like always!

 The party was actually able to be held on time this year, not iced out like last year.  It's a little odd, since we just had an "un-birthday" party for him in June...but everyone had a great time.  He really must be the luckiest kid ever...two parties w/in six months...WOW!

 We gathered at The Monkey House for bounce-around fun for the kiddies...and the dads!  Thanks Eric and Hector for entertaining all of the small people!  It just wouldn't have been the same without the big daddies chasing, throwing, and bouncing the kids...could've easily been a lawsuit, but everything worked out okay! :0) favorite...cookie cake!  Braden is so sweet.  He said he wanted to be sure and have a cookie cake this year because he knows Garrett doesn't eat regular cake.  He wanted brother to be sure and get treats at the party, too...very thoughtful!


Alicia Boyd said...

Hard to believe that he is 7 already. Time flies and before you know it, he will be getting married.