Monday, March 14, 2011

5 1/2 Months...And Counting...

I stick out in both directions now, but anyone who's known me for any length of time knows that my "back bump" has been there since birth.  I just stick out, period...always have, always will! :0)  It's hard to believe that we're past the half-way mark, and the days are just ticking away.  Missing out on the first two months of the pregnancy (due to denial on so many levels) really has sped things up.  Even my doctor can't seem to stay caught up with what needs to happen and when.  She was shocked when she discovered I hadn't been scheduled for an ultrasound...but we couldn't arrange one for two more weeks!  Like I said, can't seem to get it all together, but maybe we're on the right track now. 

On a similar note, my little sister, Erica, is due to have her baby a few weeks after ours...we found out today that she is having a boy as well!  So, that's six boys between us!  WHAT ARE THE ODDS????? 

Braden and Garrett were disappointed at first that they weren't getting the little girl of their dreams.  However, reality is sinking in and they are dreaming up all the fun things they can teach their baby brother...I'm having nightmares about it!  What this child won't think of on his own, Darrel and Darrel are bound to put him up to! 

As for names, we are tapped...all the really good ones are taken, after all!  I have wracked my brain for names that mean something to me (as I did for my other boys), but nothing works.  I may have to resort to a baby name list.  In the mean time, some suggestions from the boys have been Lightbulb, Count Duku ("Doodoo"), Darth Vader, Luke (Skywalker), and Boba Fet...see a pattern?  I have officially declared all Star Wars names off limits!  Wonder if George Lucas had any inkling that SW would be so popular with the next generation...