Saturday, March 12, 2011

Braden's Big Win...

This morning, Braden competed in the 2011 Boy Scout Pinewood Derby, racing the Lightning McQueen car that he helped his daddy build...and that Mommy graciously finished painting Thursday evening!  It was a great project that they worked on together.

This is Braden finishing up placing his car on the track for the final heat of the Tiger Cub division.  On the left is his long-time church friend, JD, and on the right is his long-time preschool/public school friend Alex.  It was so great because these three boys took 1st, 2nd, and 3rd!

Braden took the whole affair very seriously, following every direction, staying calm, and not running wild the way he usually does when he gets excited...he made Mamma proud! 

Alex, Braden, JD...yes, they are all the same age.  My son is a giant!

Braden will now move on to the district competition, which will take place in May.  He tripped as we were leaving, mangling the wheels...Daddy's got his work cut out for him...
*Just a side note...those are two good-lookin' boys.  Can't wait to add a third future-hottie to the mix! :0)