Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Boy Scout Banquet...

 Last week, Braden was promoted in the Boy Scout ranks.  The banquet was a good time and he LOVED having Nanna and Nanny there to cheer him on!

 Braden Riley does love his Nanny.  He asks about her all the time, we pray for her at night, and both of the boys were tickled that she decided to join us for a night of BBQ, treats, and family fun!

 This is our little family right after Braden attached my mother's pin...it will hold all of his Boy Scout pins.

                                             Ok...this kid is in Heaven!  Look at that face!

This is the pinning "ceremony..." the actual pin on the back of my ribbon fell apart, so we had to replace it with another.  It was a little cumbersome, but we managed.

Our family placecard...my own design!  The whole evening was a fun success and we are so proud of our Boy Scout, Braden Riley!