Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Somehow, in all the pregnancy excitement-most likely, I failed to post anything about Christmas!  I was clearing out the card on my camera and realized that nothing from the holidays made it to the blog...not even FaceBook!  What in the world???!!!  So, in the near future (maybe not today), I will be posting info and photos from Christmas. 

Oh, and my belly is really big.  Should it be this huge already?  I just don't remember everything changing so quickly the last two times.  I am now in the clothing phase that I like to refer to as "nothing fits."  My regular clothes pinch, pull, and otherwise disfigue my expanding belly, while maternity clothes are baggy, limp, and look if I just WISH I were preggers!  I'm certainly a lot more creative with my wardrobe this time around, but it's getting difficult.  Funny, I thought I wouldn't need any of my winter maternity clothes...Mother Nature fooled me all the way around!