Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Strangest Craving...

I've had the strangest craving for Emmy's restaurant lately.  It began early last week and I just couldn't get it out of my head.  For those of you not familiar with Emmy's, they serve traditional German fare, and lots of it!  I was specifically jonesin' for their deep-fried bratwurst with hot, spicy mustard.  Sounds like a terrific case of heartburn wating to happen, right?  Not to worry...Emmy's is always covered over anywhere near a holiday of any sort and my craving hit just before Valentine's Day.  So, no way were we gettin' anywhere near that place. 

While I was still in the shower getting ready for Parent's Night Out last night, Eric announced (with tons of bravado) that he had secured a place in the "bar" area at Emmy's and that we would, in fact, be joinging the hoards of hoity toity folks descending upon this luscious Germanic eatery!  Wahoo!  So, I ordered the appetizer that had the deep-fried brats and the dinner that came with deep-fried brats!  Let me tell you, the little one loved it, the big one (me) loved it, and Eric came out smelling like a rose...and German beer!  :0)

My Valenine came though with the best gift ever...just the right food for his preggo Valentine!  Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Oh, and we followed up Emmy's with two very romantic stops at Sam's Club and wouldn't be PNO w/out the traditional shopping trip, sans kiddos!
*They will be super suprised to find their Valentine Pillow Pets tomorrow morning !