Monday, January 25, 2010

100th Day of School...

Wednesday is the 100th day of school celebration for Braden's class! To celebrate, the teacher sent home a project in the last week or so for the kids to choose 100 of something to place in a paper baggie and provide clues to what's inside. I took Braden to the craft store while he and I were off on MLK day and he chose neon colored googlie eyes! :0)

Tonight, we counted them out by tens, Braden never missing a beat. He did a fantastic job! Now, he is in the process of getting them in the baggie...they are static sticking to everything they touch! You know, this is very exciting...100 days of kindergarten!


Alicia Boyd said...

JD decided he wanted to make a snowman out of 100 cotton balls. But of course a "little" glue is not enough so there was glue and cotton balls all over the place. You are a great mom and have the coolest ideas. Keep up the good work.

sharon Hargrave said...

I love reading your blog to keep up with you all.

Braden was probably the coolest kid in KDG with those 100 neon eyes. Way to go, Braden.

Hope Eric is feeling better.

I did not have school Friday or today, FEb. 1.
It is Jane's birthday.

Takecare and be safe and warm.