Friday, January 29, 2010

First of All...

First of all, I didn't think I would have to get up this morning, seeing as how the temperature had already dropped six degrees just on my way home from work yesterday...but I did have to get up afterall! THEN, with the preschool closed, Garrett did have to stay home with his more than sick daddy, but they played Wii all day and everything was copesetic. BUT, the weather finally hit around 12:30 or so and the students went ape wild just because they could see snow flurries! AND, when the announcement came at the beginning of 6th period that the students would be released at 2:00, well'd think the fair had come to town again!!! EVEN WORSE...the announcement that the students could use their cell phones in class to phone a parent so they'd have a ride waiting. And then it began...all hell broke loose! I swear, one girl talked to her mother four different times in fifteen minutes because the mom thought the girl was lying about school being let out. THEN, the mom thought the girl was lying about being allowed to use her cell phone in class! WHAT?!?!?!? Just come get here, lady, and be done with it!

ANYWAY, our family was all home, safe and sound, by 3:20. This was AFTER the school called my cell phone to ask why I had not yet picked Braden up..."school has been let out early," the snooty lady said. DUH! I had my usual Friday afternoon hall duty to attend to before I could attend to my own family. So, I called Eric, who had to drag himself out of bed, warm up the truck, and fight the elementary soccer moms for access to the school parking lot...but, like I said...we were all home by 3:20! Yeah!


Live, Dream, Inspire, Love said...

Right there with you! It was like a mad house at 1:30 when they announced that we were letting out early. If our kids were drivers they got to go ahead and leave. It was like mass exodus from my classroom. Luckily I had already asked out neighbor to pick up Taylor because she was ferrying her son early. Two o'clock hit and I was gone!