Friday, April 2, 2010

Eric's Knee Surgery...

So, Eric had his knee scoped on Wednesday. It was all pretty quick and uneventful at the hospital, but I was glad to be work any day! He was a trooper, said he wasn't nervous or anything, and it was all like clock work. I do have to admit, though, that I was feeling seriously nauseated when the surgeon was explaining the procedures and findings while showing me color photos of the inside of Eric's knee area. Ick! Afterwards, Eric was snarfing saltines and a soda and we made a pit stop at Chik-fil-A on the way home since we were both starving!

I did feel completely useless, until the nurse reminded me that he could not drive while taking pain meds. That being said, I've been the sole chauffeur for the fam going on three days now. I'm not used to doing all the driving! In fact, we were late getting started to the park for Garrett's preK egg hunt this morning and I had planned to put on my makeup on the way. Guess what? I had to drive and so looked like an idiot putting on makeup at the speed of light at every stop light!

At this point, we are waiting out a seriously heavy thunder shower, trying to make a break for Wal-Mart...pantry's gettin' bare on staples!


Mad Dog's Mom said...

Eric! Hope you feel better soon! Have fun running to Wal Mart in the rain! I'm glad I went last night in the wind storm ;)

Live, Dream, Inspire, Love said...

Glad the surgery went well! Hope all gets back to normal soon!