Sunday, April 11, 2010

Just a Really Nice Weekend...

We got up early for Braden's soccer game Saturday morning, which they won, and we were so proud that he scored two goals! Afterward, Eric realized we had to pick up his rental van for the trip by noon, so we sped around town to take care of that little chore. Then, we came home and Eric began spraying weed killer all over our two-and-a-half acre lawn...he wasn't paying attention, crossed a couple of wires, and burned them out...had to go to Atwood's to replace.

By this time, I had cleaned inside and headed out of doors to give a futile attempt at weeding my front landscaping...what a MESS! About the time the boys were ready to leave for PNO, Eric was ready for me to help him drive the Dixie Chopper while he sprayed...but that had to wait for the kiddos to be dropped at church. We finished the yard around 8...big time fun for a Saturday night, right? Well, it was just nice to be outside in the fresh air and enjoy each other's company!

Church this morning, lunch at Outback, homemade pizza for dinner, and bike-riding this evening. All in all, seriously, just a relaxing, but productive, weekend. Now, Arkansas state benchmark testing this week for my students...seriously, say a prayer for both the students and myself. There is NO FUN in walking around someone else's classroom with a room full of students who are not my own, just pacing around the room "monitoring" for four hours a day...ick!


Mad Dog's Mom said...

Way to go Garrett!