Saturday, April 24, 2010

Garrett's Flashback to the 70's...

The preschool spring program was last night and Garrett's class only had one performance for only their class (which was disappointing...other classes had at least two), but OH, what a performance this child put on! Above, he was gettin' down to "YMCA!"

Here, he is playing air guitar...and doing quite well, I might add! Garrett's tendency at the programs has been to stand very still, stare out into the crowd (frantically searching for Mom), and simply not participate. Imagine my suprise when he jumped up on stage and began shakin' his booty...literally! He was so cute!
I also noted that he is heads and tails taller than all of his classmates, except Mason. Garrett and Mason both look like they should have been in kindergarten this year! Speaking of kindergarten, it's official. Garrett will be in preschool again next year. Kindergarten registration info. came home in Braden's folder this week and it stated that the child MUST be 5 by August 15...poor baby...15 days. However, he is going to ROCK the preK class next year! He was reading cartoon words on Max and Ruby this morning, so I'm not worried.

As a side note, Atlanta was wonderful and the presentation kicked tail! The Kimmons Jr. High Focus Team was articulate, purposeful, and simply amazing! Hopefully I'll have some pics soon. I refused to take my Nikon and Braden broke my Sony pocket cam two years ago...will have to see if one of my gal pals will hook me up with copies! Anyway, faced two of my all time fears on that trip...flying and public speaking. Just wish it had cured me...