Wednesday, February 15, 2012


That Eric Springs certainly had a trick up his sleeve this year! "Mrs. Springs, please come to the office." (Oh, no!  I've been busted!) "You have a Valentine delivery." (Wahoo...and all the kiddies get to see it.) Eric also BROUGHT TO MY CLASSROOM DOOR earlier in the day a box of chocolate covered strawberries from Creative Kitchen...yummo!!!! It was so funny...he told me later that three 8th grade girls working in the class next door put him through an inquisition about his relationship to me. Apparently, the whole thing ended in secretive giggles. Oh, the world of junior high.

We ended the evening with a super romantic date for five at LaFiesta when neither of us managed to make it home in time to cook dinner. :0) We did run into some friends there, so it ended up being a semi-mediumish sized group, hangin' out in the back room of a Mexican restaurant for V-Day.  Good times...all good times!