Friday, February 10, 2012

We're Baaaaaaaack...

It's been a LLLLLLLOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNGGGGG time since The Springs' have made an appearance at their "spot," but we're officially back! (Hey, how 'bout that Epcot pic, huh? Huh? Awesome trip! We had a blast and baby Ethan (4 mos.) was every mommy's dream come true...not a bit of trouble, even on the plane!)

With Ethan's birth and the swirl of whooshing time that I was actually off of work and Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Year's Day and all of that now in the past, it's time to pick up where we left off. T-ball season is looming in the very near future for Garrett, and Eric has decided to coach a team for St. Paul again this year. Braden is LOVING Cub Scouts still, and is psyched to try and defend his pinewood derby racecar title again this year. Ethan is HUGE, now 21.5 pounds at seven months, and he is currently sick as a dog, so to speak. Poor dear has double ear infection and is on his third (yes, THIRD) type of antibiotic to kick the ear and respiratory infections in the tail! Let's hope this one works. Add to that the regimen of steroids and bronchial dialator...well...he's all doped up all the time! But, in a good way!

Working for a living stinks, let's just face it. Going back this time was extremely difficult, to say the very least. I really like my students this year, but leaving Ethan and the super cool routine we had going back in the late summer/early fall was terrible! Eric told me last week that I have a way with words and should write a book of vignettes about our life at home with three boys, and maybe throw in some stuff about school. Not sure anyone would go for that, but it was tempting...anything to be able to work from home!

With Ethan not sleeping much at night, time is a precious commodity around here right now, so I'm cuttin' it short for now. I'm super excited, though, to be back into this blogging thingy!
Sam Springs out...PEACE!