Friday, June 24, 2011

Braden, Our Little Clothes Horse...

  Guitar Graphic Polo Shirt
Plaid Canvas Short
After running errands today, the boys begged to go to the mall just to "hang out." It was just after 10, opening time, so I agreed since I knew there wouldn't be many folks there.  We stopped at a Crazy 8 sale and Braden picked out this super cool-dude outfit. 

"You know, Mom, I'll wear anything, but I really like this one."  -Braden

Garrett on the other hand, would not pick out a thing, and so left the store with nothing.  He doesn't like anything I choose, so I tried and tried to get him to pick something for himself...nothin' doin'! 

"I don't like that, that, that, that, that, or that!" -Garrett

I gently reminded GJ that he would soon inherit the super cool-dude outfit his brother just chose, to which he replied...
"What's 'inherit?"  When he finally got it, he assured me that he would never, never, never put it on...not ever!  Hey, it's green, his color of choice every time...what more can I do?