Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Officially Unfinished...

As Eric and I prepared to leave the hospital with our older two boys, we knew we were bringing them home to cute, prepared, ready-to-go nurseries that had been completed months ahead of time.  You'd think, being the planner that I am, that Ethan's nursery situation would be the same...lucky for him, he's little and won't remember the unfinished, completely incomplete nursery that he'll have to come home to! 

With what little strength and stamina I have remaining, today I finished unpacking all of the Huggies boxes that contained seven years worth of various-sized clothing.  All of it was repackaged into Space new BFFs!  It's amazing to me that eight diaper boxes and four plastic tubs worth of clothing (which were stashed in three different closets around the house) can now fit into one one small space below a shelf in the nursery closet.  Not a pretty picture, but it all fits.  Next is to construct some sort of curtain/covering so I don't have to look at all those Space Bags every time I get into the closet for a burpie or bib!

Eric and I (mostly Eric) will be painting the ceiling white on's currently a dirty, light beige of some sort and just really makes the room darker than it needs to be.  The unofficial theme of the room is birds, so I have some silver metallic bird art pieces to spray paint this weekend as well.  Silver is NOT going to work in a room of browns and blues, so we'll go for a more "hammered" bronze look...Lowe's, here we come!  I also have a couple of craft projects lined up.  Maybe I can get started on those tomorrow (today, actually, seeing as how it in the AM HOURS AND I'M AWAKE...again). 

My sister, Erica, and I have a double baby shower at church on Sunday afternoon.  My big plan was to wait until after this shower to see exactly what we still need to properly plan for Ethan's arrival home.  Well, Monday at my check-up, the due date was changed to next week!  So, I've gone on ahead and ordered a few NECESSITIES from my own registry, praying that they'll arrive before Ethan does!  He may have his fresh, new crib bedding ready to go...and he might not.  Like I said, it's a good thing he's too young to remember, because this boy's hangout won't be finished until, well...who knows???