Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Great American Pastime...

*Before I go on, I just want to make it known that I am baffled by the way Blogger is refusing to turn my photos right-side-up when they are saved that way.  UGH!

Anyway, now that that's off my chest, I'm playing catch-up big time.  The next few posts are events that have passed, but are still totally important...just not so important that I was willing to give up precious family time at the end of the school year to blog about them.  Now that I'm officially off on summer vacay, things should be's hoping! :0)
 These photos are from our very first Arkansas Naturals baseball game last Sunday evening in Springdale, AR.  We had a blast watching AA ball, but it was HOT!  How can it be this hot in early June, I ask?  What a spring, just rain and heat.

                                 Including the nephews, Tyler and Jacob. 
                          Can you say T-R-O-U-B-L-E????
Well, well...what have we here?  Oh, double-chin girlie and her hubby.  I love doing things like this together...he's such a good daddy and a wonderful helper for me when those ornery boys get a little out of sorts!  Fun, fun, fun!