Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happy Birthday, Braden (finally)...

Last Saturday afternoon, we hosted a smallish play date for Braden's "everyday" friends at that duplex. I usually go all out and invite every child he's ever come in contact with, but since we are completely limited on space, we had to trim it WAY back this year. As it was, we were cramped, but had a great time anyway, as you'll see...

Braden's new obsession with Mr. Mischief became the theme of our little playdate party. We played "stick the nose on Mr. Mischief" and "Mr. Mischief says," instead of Simon says.

Here is the group, except for cousins Tyler and Jacob. I actually have no idea where they were...maybe in the playroom... Notice Braden's Mr. Mischief shirt and Garrett's Mr. Messy one.
"Mr. Mischief says touch your nose and stick one finger in your ear...not the other way around!"

Getting Braden prepped to stick Mr. Mischief's nose ended up right on the spot...hmmm.

Another great creation from Confectionately Yours! I admit it...I'm a cake snob! If you're going to go ahead and eat it, it might as well taste like a little piece of Heaven...not cardboard.


Our Blessed Family said...

Cute Cute! Looks like he had fun!!