Thursday, January 1, 2009

I can't believe I forgot to share the saga of Garrett Jake last night...New Year's Eve...

Eric and I decided that we'd see a movie, Yes Man (hilarious!), after we got the boys settled in bed for the night. We didn't get them in the bed until 8:30 and the movie started at nine, so they weren't down long before we had to go. Braden was snoozing when I checked on them, but Garrett was whispering "I want you." I said "You have me." "No," he whimpered, "I want you to sleep with me!" GULP! I pried mysef out of his tiny arms, kissed and hugged him fervently, and made a run for it.

So, things were fine when we left. Grandma Susie had our cell numbers and we were off. Nothing eventful happened while we watched the movie, but when we got back at 11:00, Garrett Jake Springs was lying on the sofa beside his grandma watching Spider Man! I demanded to know why she didn't call (she's usually in the bed early), and she just said that he wasn't upset, so there was no need. Go figure. One minute he won't give any hugs or kisses for Grandma Susie, but when the time is right...well, let's just say he's a manipulator of the perfect circumstance!

Eric and I managed to open one eye each when the fireworks went off in the neighborhood at midnight..."We made it," we cheered to one another, but I'm pretty sure we had dosed off a bit. The saga continues...2009 is sure to have lots of stories! :0)