Monday, January 19, 2009

The Seemingly Endless Search for the "Perfect" Home That Does Not Exist...

That's it! I've had it! In the past three months alone, Eric and I have "lost" three different possible homes AND have had our hopes of living high on a mountain vista crushed by the deathly drop on the other side. Did I mention there was such a ridge at this particular possibly-permanent outdoor site that there wasn't even enough flat land to have a yard to speak of?

The last time I got my hopes up the house and three acres sold for cash the day our real estate agent called to set up our appointment to view. CRAP! I saw a sign while out driving this past weekend advertising 1-3 acre properties with new houses..."Pick your paint colors," it proclaimed. So, Eric made the phone call only to find out that both properties have already sold. The sign had been there for less than a week!!!

Economy, schmonomy! There doesn't seem to be much of an economic crisis in Fort Smith, Arkansas, now does there? Yesterday morning, on my way to church, I noticed that the Target parking lot was already covered and Cheddar's had a line out the door at 10:15...they don't even flippin' open until 11:00! The housing crunch I see all over the news EVERY night does not exist in our neck of the woods!

Sadly, if I didn't care how big my yard would be, I could pretty much have the house of my dreams, no problem. However, I do care. I have two already-large boys who love to romp and roam and wrestle...not in my house! So, I would normally send them out to play in our formally LARGE yard/paradise. I knew we had an abnormally big yard over on Blackjack, but I didn't realize that EVERY OTHER SUBDIVISION IN TOWN places their homes on postage stamps!

AND, forget acreage. Unless we suddenly become willing to move to Greenwood, it's not going to happen! There is NOTHING, not even one acre, in our price range...and don't even think that it might already have a semi-normal home built on it!

Eric just says to keep waiting for spring when the newest sellers will come on the market. Again, CRAP! We've been looking for a home for over a year now and I'm sick of it. But, if we let our guard down for even a day, we're lible to miss something, the "dream home..."

I'm tired of living in someone else's house. I'm tired of not having a yard for my children to play in. I'm tired of the gal who lives in front of us blocking the entire driveway with one of her four vehicles. I'm tired of only having one sink in the "master" bathroom. I'm tired of my chilren destroying my dining room furniture that HAS to be in the kitchen because there's no where else for it to go. I'm tired of the washer and dryer being in the kitchen (at least Eric fixed the five-year squeak in the dryer on Sat.). I'm tired of Eric looking for the glass bowls he makes salad in...for the fifty-millionth time...I only brought what was absolutely necessary. Nothing else will fit! They are in the stinkin' storage building!

I know that this duplex wouldn't be so bad if we were building a home elsewhere, which was the original plan. But now, we have no plan, no prospects, and I have no hope of ever finding what we are looking for. In the end, we may have to settle for a small yard, but this crazy looking and being disappointed all the time is wearing thin.

I'm just tired of it...


Our Blessed Family said...

I am so sorry Sam! I know how frustrating that must be! It didn't take us too long to find our house but we struggled with finding our dream house just to have it taken since the people who were buying ours loan fell through. It does stink but everything happens for a reason! Because we had to go through loosing that wonderful home we now have a home that was less money, 300 more SF and twice the yard! So just be patient (even though it is SO hard!) and the PERFECT home will come your way! Hang in there!