Friday, January 16, 2009

The Weighting Game...

Vintage Weight Watchers scale
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My mom had one of these when we were growing up. I remember her struggling with her weight and going to the WeightWatchers meetings. I would say my heftiness is hereditary, but really, I think many humans, men and women alike, struggle.

Jen and I worked out together Thrusday for the first time after school in the slightly ghetto exercise room. The staff donated "old" equipment to the cause so that our students would actually be doing something during PE...and now we are making good use of everyone else's cast-offs. I went by myself today and I think I may have strained my left calf's a tad bit difficult to walk.

So, if you see me about town this long MLK weekend (thank God), and I happen to have a slight limp, you'll know why. I've managed to injure myself. It's reminiscent of the Wii tennis elbow I developed over Christmas break (but I'm nearly a pro now!).


Our Blessed Family said...

So I had no idea you were "hefty" you must look in a funky mirror that shows you something different than what I see :) No, seriously..... Your not hefty! But my opinion doesn't matter, I know you want to look the way you want to! I am the same way, I go to the gym for ME so I can look how I want to! Any way, Now I am ranting...... Have a good weekend!