Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Each day when I pick up the boys from preschool, I automatically check each folder for the day's news, good or bad. Today, Braden's folder held a somewhat unpleasant suprise...his daily report, under "reiterate at home," stated that his teachers want a "headshot" of his mother! Now, I don't know what little project prompted this request, but it makes me nervous. I don't generally like to have my picture taken and not knowing what's to be done with my headshot makes it worse.

So, I began searching my computer files for available photos and came up with this one from Christmas. I had to edit Eric out (sorry B.D.). I tried several times to bring up the Sony editing software that came on the computer, but it is now saying it's not available. I swear, this computer is probably about to crash. Eric keeps talking about getting an external hard's time, Hon! Anyway, I gave up after a while and brought up my handy dandy Picasa editing software, courtesy of Google. I think this el chepo (free) software did a fine job, don't you? It even made me look better, which is really saying something! :0)
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Jen said...

Very nice indeed! Have fun tomorrow without me...I've got a task force mtg at the service center...yay.

Our Blessed Family said...

I think it is a great picture, very beautiful, as always.

I am very dissapointed that the sculptures are not staying :( hehehehe Have you herd back from them???

Mary Kate said...

great pic!! i was out & about today and the babies were sleeping nicely in the backseat so I decided to try & find southfork! I love the house & I love the street it is on!! And it isn't as far out as I thought it was! it was worth the wait wasn't it!!! I am so happy for your all!! congrats!