Saturday, March 7, 2009

Searching for Furniture...

The family and I were out today browsing the local furniture stores, checking out living room, bedroom, and dinette possibilities. I, personally, am pretty disappointed in what's out there right now. We found a couple of possibilities, but nothing that either of us just fell in love with. The Ashley showroom on Rogers seems to be the best of what we've seen. We also looked at WoodCo in VB, Midland and Goins. If any of you know of somewhere else we can find quality (ie, not cheaply made) furniture, please, let me know!!! We purchased from Tom Bull for our Blackjack Drive home, and have been nothing but disappointed in the Flexsteel recliner...mildly disappointed with the "stainproof" sofa. Again, suggestions appreciated.


Kelli said...

FWIW, we are pretty disappointed in several of our purchases from Ashley. We bought a t.v. armoire, kitchen table, coffee table, 2 end tables, and an entry way table...oh and a non-reclining chair. aside from the chair, we are NOT pleased with the kitchen table, end tables or the armoire AT ALL. I don't know if it was lower end furniture from there or what. it was our first time buying furniture and probably didn't know what exactly to look for. After 4 years, the "wood" furniture looks VERY worn and we don't have kids!

We got our sofas from Hanks and aside from the dog fur, I love them. We actually got our king size cherry sleigh bed from big lots...and I LOVE IT.

NWA has some good stores...basset makes nice furniture (next to target in fayetteville)