Friday, April 30, 2010

If It Weren't For Rotten Luck...

Things that have happened to me/us while Eric has been in Spain:
Sports schedule:
t-ball Monday, Thursday, Saturday
soccer Monday, Wednesday
(notice the overlap on Monday...and only one parent...thank goodness for Nana!)

Deep freeze door left ajar by a small person looking for popsicles...hundreds of dollars worth of food spoiled. Had to cook seven pounds of ground beef, package of Polish sausage, and give away LOTS of food to family, which was fine. At least someone could use it.

Kidney infection discovered at soccer'nuff said (again, thanks Nana!)

Braden pulled red card and I received phone call from his teacher during my own class. Very surreal to be on the other side of the "behavior" phone call.

Garrett lost his mind EVERY morning, kicking, screaming, crying, snot flying...and he said he wished I wasn't his mommy...that hurt...

SPICE teacher called after school to let me know Braden had been trading blows with a first grader (hitting one another with backpacks) when the other kid whipped out his lunch box, hitting Braden below his left eye with the zipper pull. Chunk of skin missing, puffy eye developing.

Had to resort to getting the kids' hair cut by Matt (thanks Uncle Matt) and now they lovingly refer to themselves as soldiers...yep, it's that short...

To top it all off, I've lost my mascara AND had to carry out the trash in the rain this morning, thereby causing a horrible hair day all day...ick...



Michelle said...

It doesn't get much worse. It can only go up from here!