Saturday, January 10, 2009

I May Never Look Like This, But...

Pilates Exercise Instructor
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The time has come. I began exercising again this morning and now my legs feel as if they may actually turn to Jello! Jen and I set a schedule for working out on the machines at school two days a week. It's a slow start but, quite frankly, slow is good right now. I did, however, make it through my entire Slim in 6 workout DVD this morning, which doesn't usually happen.

Right after I had Garrett (now 3) I lost about forty pounds of baby weight in no time with this program. Since then, I've let myself be carried away through two years worth of calorie laden holidays: Halloween runs into Thanksgiving that runs into Christmas that runs into Valentine's Day that runs into Easter that puts me so close to summer and shorts that I get depressed and eat for the heck of it. NO more!

I truly enjoyed the homemade fudge over Christmas and I don't feel the least bit guilty. I do, though, want to look and feel better. Unfortunately, I'm in that rut where I'm so tired I don't exercise, even though I know exercise will make me feel better.

So, like I said, the time has come. While my legs may feel like Jello today, by next week I should be good to go...and I'm really looking forward to feeling better and more energized and to summer...