Sunday, July 26, 2009

"Thirty, and Flirty, and Thriving..."

Isn't this cake FABULOSO?!?!?!

30th Birthday Cake
Originally uploaded by neviepiecakes

Obvously, I've been thinking a lot about turning thirty. The first thing that comes to mind is one of my all time favorite movies, 13 Going on 30. As Jenna would say, "I want to be thirty, and flirty, and thriving!" I've got the thirty thing covered...flirty, well, I don't know about that! Thriving? Life is good! New home, three soon-to-be completely weedless acres to turn my boys loose on, great career, lots of wonderful friends, great family, mostly super kiddos, and one fun-loving, thriving seems to be covered, too!

So, here's to thirty...flirty (?), fabuloso, and fun!


Mary Kate said...

HAPPY 30TH BD!!! You are definetely 30, flirty, & thriving!!! I hope you have a great day!!!!