Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Making Memories...

After reading a mom's recent blog about suddenly and inexplicably losing one of her toddler twins,I sort of became obsessed with seeing what else was on her blog. She had posted MANY videos of her little ones and their normal, everyday interactions and activities...not necessarily special occasions.

When Braden was born, I used to film nearly every waking moment, but as time wore on and Garrett came along, I found it was difficult to do any such thing. In fact, there are few video clips of Garrett as an infant, or the two of them at all any time in the past three years. I had basically put down my video camera, in leu of still photography, and filmed nothing. Not a graduation from preschool, not a Christmas pageant, not a t-ball game...some mother I am.

Long story short (sort of), in reading this mother's blog, I realize that she is blessed to, at the very least, have her son's voice and actions captured forever on video. So, I dug out the ole' video camera last evening and began capturing the silliness the pervades our household on a daily basis. They were wearing king's crowns and waving foam swords...singing "Twinkle, Twinkle." Loved it! Today, I filmed the boys playing t-ball in the back yard and running imaginary bases in their swim trunks!