Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Gifts for Baby Girls...

I wish I'd had my sewing machine when my sons were infants. I have really gotten into sewing baby items for friends and family. Saturday, I cranked out four "designer" burp rags and a "lovie," a little scrap of felt fabric to snuggle and play with. My friend from college, Nadia, had a daughter and a month later, so did my cousin, Kelly. So, Karlyn and Addi Grace, these little beauties are all for you...not perfect, but made with love!

This John Deere print burp rag is especially for my cousin, Addi Grace. She doesn't know it, but her Papaw was a tractor drivin' fool! Her mommy, Kelly, and all of us kids, grew up on John Deere tractors...so this is my nod to Addi Grace's heritage. And of course, it's pink! :0)

This "lovie" was also customized for Addi Grace. Maybe I shouldn't be, but I was pretty proud of myself for this one! What started as just an idea Saturday morning turned out to be the cutest thing I've made so far by the afternoon! And that monogram...well, it used to be a pair of my old work jeans...from one farm girl to another! I just love sewing for GIRLS!