Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Collage of the in-law visit...

Due to the sheer amount of activity during the visit from my mother-in-law, Carol (Grandma Susie), sister-in-law, Stacy, and brother-in-law, Pete, I decided to post a collage of photos that represent the bulk of action over the course of their stay.

Stacy and Pete cuddling at the 4th of July cookout, but they're in the kitchen.

Pete unknowingly being photographed chowing down on Erica's famous homemade icecream.

Pete and Stacy, the kid entertainers in residence, sort of calmly doling out sparklers to the antsy children...you guys were great!

It's back! Eric and Pete brought the tree fort swing set back to life last week and I have never been more grateful for anything in my life! Now the kids will be playing outside more! :0)

Stacy gets in on the "manly" work of building the tree fort.

Pete and Stacy battling aliens together at Chuck E. Cheese! I swear, nothing brings a couple together like blasting the h*%& out of a bunch of cranky cyber alien life forms.

Braden riding the waves on the jet ski game at Chuck E. Cheese...he has to do what Dad does...see next photo!

OOOPPPPSSSS! I think the flash broke his concentration...maybe that's what that look is for.

Grandma Susie, AKA the coin carrier, looks on as Garrett intensly plays a game at CEC.

Brother and sister bond...actually, he might have been making fun of her...I don't remember...